High Active (HA) Batteries Tailored for UAV and UUV Applications

We produce batteries for both high energy and high power applications.

Increased specific energy (Wh/kg), energy density (Wh/L) and power density (W/L) allow for longer operating times under sustained and dynamic loads.

Our unique processes enable lower manufacturing costs, while minimizing the environmental impact of the battery production process.





SpecificationHA-UAV 5HA-UAV-13
Nominal output voltage3.82 V3.82 V
Max voltage4.35 V4.35 V
Min voltage2.8 V2.8 V
Rated capacity5.6 Ah13 Ah
Continuous output current (max)28 A35 A
Capacity retention at max current>80%>80%
Mass87 g195 g
Energy density250 Wh/kg255 Wh/kg