Our patented High Active (HA) technology is an active material-independent coating technology.  It puts an electronically conductive coating on the active material that eliminates the need for diluent carbon in the electrode formulation and reduces the amount of binder needed, which significantly densifies the coated electrode (>98.5% active material by mass).

The HA technology increases specific energy (Wh/kg), energy density (Wh/L), and power density (W/L) for your chemistry.  Processing of materials using the HA technology requires significantly less N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) or water and can be reproducibly coated as thin or thick electrodes.  These advantages increase production speed, reduce cost, and lessen the environmental impact of battery production.


Technical Advantages:

  • Equivalent cathode utilization (mAh/g) in electrodes with 98.5% active material
  • Rapid, solvent-free coating process of cathode powders
  • Longer shelf life due to removal of high surface area carbons
  • Enables electrode loadings >35 mg/cm2 and electrode densities >3.5 g/cc
  • Up to 90% reduction in binder and 50% reduction in NMP needed to cast materials

Our nonflammable electrolyte is a drop-in replacement for conventional lithium-ion battery electrolytes. Thermal runaway or catastrophic cell failure with a conventional electrolyte can result in flames emerging from a ruptured cell. Our electrolyte offers high performance with enhanced safety by preventing formation of flames upon cell failure.


Technical Advantages:

  • Capable of supporting pulse power applications
  • Nonflammable as a liquid and aerosol
  • Rapidly wets cell components, including the separator and electrodes
  • Enables efficient cycling of graphite anodes
  • Freezing point is -40°C